Philips 42PF3320 Impulse buy



Hi there,

I recently bought a Philips 42PF3320 on the advice of the manager of Richer sounds.

I am happy with the picture quality to be honest, but got it for much cheaper than I anticipated. £1,200 roughly without protection.

I have 45 days to evaluate this product, I am willing to spend say £500 more than this. Would I see massive improvemnt if I spend this amount?


I supposed what I should have said was,

Does anybody have any experience of this model? I have scoured the web for reviews but nothing as yet.

Is Phillips generaly regarded as a good make of Plasma?

Many thanks


Distinguished Member
No, to answer your question, bluntly.
But if you're happy, don't worry about it, it's you that counts :smashin:


Oh dear,

I may indeed send it back then. I am happy with the picture but have no frame of reffrence.

For roughly around the 1500-1600 price point what in you guys informed opinion would be a good make to buy?

Many thanks in advance

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