Philips 42fd9945/01 Mystery

Discussion in 'Philips TVs Forum' started by am5139, Feb 1, 2009.

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    Bought an old plasma off ebay,

    Philips 42fd9945/01 42"

    Bought it because listing said this

    "model number - 42fd9945/01 in used condition tv powers up ok and comes on but it needs a tv tuner to be used as a tv as it has no scart connections
    only connections to connect it to pc
    when you connect it to a pc it comes on and displays a picture but it is not very bright and the colours
    dont seem right i have added a photo with the tv pluged into the computer to try and show what i mean
    but as the screen isnt very bright its hard to get a decent picture
    this tele will be a bargain for anyone who knows what there doing
    selling as faulty so no returns veiwings are welcome before the bidding ends"​

    Anyway bought it as a risk purchase and picked it up in car,
    It worked fine. As if new on my PC, all menus worked, pixels were birght and seemed fine. No color problems. (wondering if car jorney made it better)​

    Used it for about 4 hours first day and then 6 hours next.Turned off the screen, Then went out to dinner for 2 hours, came back and the image had gone complety dull/dim, colours were contrasty but wrong and dark. Left it over night but still no improvement.​

    Does anyone have any ideas as to why this would be so intemittent and break in a couple of hours??​

    Would love some thoughts and advice. Many thanks​


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