Question Philips 40PUT6400 or Samsung UE40H6400

Which TV should I buy?

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Aug 29, 2012
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With Black Friday fast approaching, I've had my eye on the Samsung UE40H6400 for an awful long time. However, recently I have come across the Philips 40PUT6400.

Now, I was pretty settled with the Samsung as I will be using the TV primarily as a computer monitor and also as a television. I'll be mainly using Windows applications, with the odd games here and there. (FIFA, GTA, Need for Speed etc, no first person shooters! lol) I have seen a 40" TV used as a Windows desktop at 1080p and I was quite happy with the result. However, I'm torn as to whether I should consider "future proofing" myself and going with the Philips as it offers 4K. I'm not entirely sure how a 40" 4K TV will look as a Windows desktop, but I've seen a few YouTube videos that say it is a positive experience.

The Samsung has rave reviews everywhere I've looked, but I've hardly come across any reviews for the Philips. I do like that it comes with Android TV, which means I can download and install Kodi directly to the TV, although I am not too bothered with any smart features at all as the TV will be permanently connected to my PC.

I need at the minimum, Freeview HD, 4 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports which both TVs come with. The Samsung does have 3D, but I can't ever see myself using this and I don't have the content for it anyway. The only area the Samsung wins over the Philips is the CPU. The Samsung has a Quad Core CPU, whereas the Philips only has a Dual Core CPU. Will this make much of a noticeable difference?

So, the question is, which TV should I go with? I've been set on the Samsung all year, but I'm now quite inclined towards the Philips. I won't be buying another TV for a long time, so it is a bit of an investment and the 6 year warranty from Richer Sounds has me covered on that front.
To be honest, I havn't seen a Philips in over a year, and the one I did see was a pretty medicore return. I certainly have never seen a Philips 4K, so I have no idea what they are like.

What would worry me is that the Philips is pretty much the same price as the Samsung. One is last years mid range Full HD TV, while the Philips is a current 4K! The Samsung 40JU6400 is £549, and is a decent entry level 4K. That price level is par for the niche.

The Philips apparently has a 700hz PMR - I have no idea what that actually means, and its the low refresh rate on cheap entry level 4K's thats normally the sticking point for me - your upscaling from HD and moving the image, at the same time. I did find a website that reckoned that a Philips 400 translates into a 100hz 'real' refresh, which would be equal to the Samsung's 2014 400hz. But I'd be surprised to get a 4K at that price with something close to a 800hz refresh - thats not far off a JU7000, which is over £800.

The lack of reviews is another worry - there is no independent idea of what its like. Best thing to do is to find one in a store and actually look at it - if its handling HD well, then why not? But I have to wonder what its like.
Hello m8 I had the 55put6400/12 for 4 weeks and its total crap.
things out of the box dont work
no 4k youtube
no 4k netflix- not only that but netflix states directly it never will.
cant play 4k content from usb but samsungs can
only one hdmi can play 4k (hdmi 2.0)
mirrowing does not work
firmware is even worse
less apps work than do (so far)
no facebook app (are they having a laugh)
all 2015 models are in real trouble philips support forums in meltdown, posts being removed on a daily basis.
motion judder kills the picture from upscaled SD content you wont see in say the samsung 6800 model. (philips refresh rate is a made up number)
Games are very limited but good fun, if you want extra levels you need to pay the piper
It may be android but its not like any normal android device its all about money and lots of it.
If and its a big if android gets their act together on philips firmware it has a slim chance of being a good telly but so far google is controling what you can add as far from the play store goes plus most samsung 2015 models will be updated to HDR - HDMI 2.0a ports.
Philips have also just pulled the plug on 2013-14 models getting access to youtube dont get fooled like them in 12 months m8!
There is a good reason its cheap, save your dosh if your going to get one get it from argos or john lewis they know these sets are rubbish and you'll get your dosh back our exchanged for something better also had the philips 4k 58pus6809 which was slightly better but only had hdmi 1.4 which meant everything could only be upscaled to 4k but had even worse motion judder which was a deal breaker for me.
Any questions you want to ask on the philips 6400 on you go mate?
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