Philips 37PFL7603D or Panasonic TX37LZD85?


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Hi Everyone

Joined this site today after reading some of the other posts and thinking this could very well be the place to help me with the decision on which LCD TV to get.

As the title says it is between the Philips 37PFL7603D and the Panasonic TX37LZD85. Both are good TV's with different features which has led me to ask u guys for your opinions.

The space I have only allows me to fit a 37 inch TV.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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Having had both makes the Panasonics have always had the edge on picture quality, we have in the house a 26" panasonic LZD7 if I remember and that has a great SD picture through freeview, my son has a 23" Philips brought about the same time and to be honest not that great.
When reviewing sets for my main room I went with a Tosh purely on price but the Panasonic one had the edge on the picture. The philips I quicky disgarded.
Even reviews never seem to favour Philips these days, but eating my words the One philips in a recent review in What Hi-Fi the one you are looking at does get a good review.


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In a ideal world I would get a 37 Inch Sony on the W range but sadly the W is either 32 (too small) or 40 (too big). The V range having seen it yesterday in John Lewis did not really hit the future proof buttons.

The Panasonic has 100Hz whereas the Philips does not, but I know for some programmes it is better with 100Hz off and the Panasonic does not allow this.
Then again the Philips has more contrast ratio at 44,000:1 and a little more of everything compared to the Panasonic.
Although I have not heard of anything about Philips apart from the spiel I got given by the Philips rep yesterday.

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Panasonic's MCFI (100/120Hz) is excellent and doesn't cause soap effect.

btw, I also vote for the Panasinic:smashin:

As for Philips, only stick with the high-ends.
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lol sorry im a bit of a novice when it comes to these things, soap effect? is that a form of blurryness?.

Quite a few fans of the panasonic it seems!

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Some standard (50/60Hz) HDTVs and most 100Hz+ sets can make movies and seasonal shows such as Lost, Stargate, Cold Case etc... appear like soaps.

Some actually prefer the smooth motion, but most feel it destroys the authentication of the content.

But this isnt a problem with Panasonic sets.

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