PHILIPS 37PFL5522 - good enough on a v tight budget?


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Hi All,

I've used these forums before to find out lots of very useful things about kit I have thought about buying. Now I need to actually ask a question of my own.

My 7 year old CRT has just snuffed it, so I'm looking for a replacement. This is an unexpected expense, so my budget is "as little as possible". I've just seen the last remaining PHILIPS 37PFL5522 for about £150 less than any other similarly sized panel that isn't a refurb. I don't have any HD equipment (although I could upgrade to Sky HD at some point in the future).

I know it's an old model, and some of the online reviews aren't brilliant but all I really want to know is this: is this TV a good enough replacement? Or is it a lemon discounted in order for the shop to get shot of it? The thing that would bother me the most is if an SD picture would be up-scaled badly and look blocky. No point getting a new telly that has a worse picture than the old one!

Possibly not the normal question you get asked here, but hopefully someone will have an opinion.

Many thanks,



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That's what I was worried about. All the info on the various Shop websites goes on about how good an HD picture the sets have, but rarely mention SD pictures. Thing is, it's only £250! Still, if it looks really rubbish, there's no point...

I've been looking at Richer Sounds website this morning and have seen some "unusual" bargains along the same lines:

There is a Hitachi UT32MH70 from £700 to £270. It's a screen only, but I only ever use my Sky+ box or DVD player, so not an issue, but again what sort of SD picture would I get?

Also, there is what seems to be a ridiculous bargain of a 42" Hitachi UT42MX70 for £500 instead of £1500. A grand off seems too good to be true...


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I think that the Philips was a bit of a Pup when it came out and it wont have improved with age.

The Hitachi is very much a case of "Style over Substance" and with one HDMI and no tuner it wouldn't really interest me.

With your Budget then the LG mentioned could be your best bet. The Older LG37LG3000 is still around but in short supply via RS and could be even better.

Her's a review.;

LG 37LG3000 Review

Good Luck,



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This is making a bit more sense now (and is extremely interesting), so I'm going to try to compare some sets by having an actual look in a RS store. I had a look in comet yesterday, but some of the £700 sets had poorly tuned analogue terrestrial on display next to £400 models showing a HD trailer - ridiculous.

Since RS have the 37LG3000 as well as the 32LH3000 for £400 and the 32LH2000 for £350, can someone say what I am getting for the extra money? Budget is unfortunately my main concern...

Also, I have read some things about the Hitachi in various sizes, and am now wondering if the 32" version for only £270 might be a good bet, if I can find a cheap way of connecting one HDMI and one component device. Any ideas?

Thanks again,



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Replying to my own post here, but I have just followed this thread to the end and am now looking at the Toshiba Regza 32AV615DB for £299 on Amazon - loads of inputs and a very low price.

As the thread says, there's no reviews around, so I'm hoping someone out here has some advice. If you do, please post in that thread, as there seem to be a few of us interested in this set. As my thread title says - it doesn't have to be great, or good, just good enough for a few years and to make up for a sudden lack of TV.


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