Philips 37PF5520D or Panasonic TH37PE50


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Hi all, In need of some help. Both Philips and Panasonic screens are almost same price about £1200.00, can’t make up my mind which one.

The screen will only be used as a TV (Sky +) and with a DVD player. I realise that the Philips is Hd and the Panasonic not, however as a TV I been advised the Panasonic will have a better picture now. With Hd not being a widely available for 3 to 4 years by which time I’ll possibly be look to upgrade. I won’t being upgrading to a Sky HD box next year due to price and I not being interested in sports or Sky 1 etc. At the same time you never know how quickly the technology will develop.

I guess the question I’m asking which screen would be most people opt for if you wanted a good replacement TV for the next 3-4 years. I realise the pro’s cons of LCd v Plasma and not too worried about screen burn. Looks wise I think I prefer the Panasonic as it seems more compact without the speakers on the side.


Ps: also posted on LCD forum to get balance veiw.


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I've got the TH37PE50 and am delighted with it. I have a Phillips CRT at the moment and hate it, so would never go down the Phillips route again. Have a demo of them both and make you're own mind up. And don't let them play anything like Finding Nemo, as they will both look amazing!
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