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I'm new and a bit thick when it comes to techincal stuff. I want to buy the Philips 37PF9731d tele. I've read all the concerns and I'm confident philips have sorted the problem out. The picture quality is simply superb and I'll be getting a warrenty!

anyhows I've read and review and noticed other people have put similar things to this...

As we said earlier, this TV will not accept a 1080p signal, despite having a 'Full HD' 1,920x1,080 screen. 1080p sources are few and far between at this moment in time, but Blu-ray and HD DVD will soon be making use of it, along with the Xbox 360 and PS3 at some point in the future, so some will be a tad miffed that Philips has decided not to add support for it on its high-end tellies.

I also plan to get skyhd. Does this mean if Sky start to broadcast in 1080 does that mean the tv wont show it? I'm a bit confused!

Hopefully someone can help me.



What I mean is will it not show skyhd in 1080 even though it broadcasts a program in 1080?

a confused James


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Yes, it will show it in 1080i. Sky broadcast in 1080i (you can switch the output to 720p too). The 37PF9731 is a 1080i set, so perfect match.

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