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There was quite a bit of discussion in some of the threads last year about how Philips PixelPlus TV's we going to start using the Philips Cybertube, instead of the Panasonic tube.

Whatever happened to that saga? If I buy a 36PW9618 today (January 2004), which tube will it have?

Apart from the dots half-way down the left and right sides of the screen, can you tell which tube it has by a more administrative method, e.g. the sticker on the back of the TV? The reason I ask, is that I would be phoning around for the best price, and I'd want to know which tube I'd get. The person on the phone may not be able to switch on the set and look for dots, since the TV will hopefully be packaged in a box! But if he can look for some kind of serial number or other identification, then that would be easier.

They, are you there? You seemed to be the expert in this area.


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I am also after a Philips 36" TV with a Philips CyberTube and PixelPlus 2, but as you know, finding out if, what and when is hard work.

I currently have email enquiries sent out to several contacts in Philips at several global locations and hope for some definitive answer soon. But I wouldn't count on it!


"They", Do keep us posted. It would seem that PW9618 is the certainly the most expensive of the mainstream models by a good way (cf. with PW9308). This may explain some of the price differential if true. Very much doubt 9618 uses Cybertube though.


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I have not been able to find out much but here is what I have been told.

The 36PW9308 uses the Philips Cybertube.

PixelPlus 2 has been released in the USA first (a few weeks ago) and should appear on various models in the UK April/May.

The system has been improved in various ways which will benefit CRT and fixed pixel displays. The original PixelPlus was designed for CRT displays and a particular scan rate, it did not work so well with fixed pixels displays. PixelPlus 2 has apparently been redesigned to suit more display technologies at various pixel arrays and scan rates.

It will most likely be released on LCD and Plasma models before CRTs. I don't believe there are many new CRT TVs due for release until late summer anyway.

I wish I could get more info and definate models and release dates but that's it I'm afraid.


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