philips 36pw9607 help


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Did you see how it was packed was it just in the polystrine in the box.

Do you know what wats your rear speakers are mine have a label saying 21w on the back is this the same as yours.

I have the tosh 220 dvd on scart 1 and the STB on scart 2 both on RGB in the manual page 27 i think it says if you have a digital sause on scart 1 you must chose (ext 1 dolby digital) and if you have a stb on any of the other scarts you must chose (ext 1dolby digital stb) which should i chose the dvd is also linked by the coax digital sound out to the tv digital sound in.I think this is what it says in the manual but i couldnt deside .

Its ok me and some mates with climbing equipment and torces went on an expedotion into the box the tv came in it took several hours but we found th poly wrap for the tv in there i just didnt see it at the time


Hi Ron...

Got a 9607 a few weeks ago, it came in a box that was too big to get through the front door so had to be unpacked outside and yes it was packed in polystyrene blocks (goodness knows what we would have done had it been raining !!)

Yep, 21watts for each of the rear speakers.

If you have your DVD player connected to your tv with a coaxial cable, then you must select (Ext 1 + Digital Audio).

Connect your STB to Ext 2 which is also RGB enabled, however you may struggle to fit two scart cables in, as the space they give is not really big enough, I had to go and buy a scart cable that did not feed the wire in at the side (as probably 99% of scart cables do) and get one where the cable comes straight out of the back.

It doesn't matter about selecting EXT1 + STB if you haven't connected your STB to EXT 1, if your using the 5.1 sound decoding in the set then you have to select EXT 1 + Digital audio and ensure that the DVD player is also connected to EXT1.

Not quite sure what Ext 1 + STB actually does, perhaps someone can enlighten us.

BTW, I have my DVD player connected to an external amp and thus connected to EXT 2, and I have my Sky + box connected to EXT 1 and connected to the Coxial input for Digital Audio, so selected EXT1 + Digital Audio (however the SKY+ box only has an optical output so I had to buy an optical to coaxial converter and it works superbly)

Hope that helps .


My set had a thin white poly wrap covering the TV ( the same as wrapped around your boxed rear speaker which are indeed marked 21w) then the formed polystyrene blocks.

With reference to your setup as I see it, should you require Multi Channel surround sound from say a DVD via the TV you need to connect your DVD to be to EXT1 and have DVD out coaxial cable connected to the Digital Audio In of your TV. If you connect your STB to EXT 2 you will not get Multi Channel surround sound via the TV, It's only available via EXT1.

So for your setup go in the Digital Sources menu and select EXT1 + Dig.Audio

I have my DVD to the front S-Video with sound via a seperate Amp and 5.1 speaker setup, my STB to EXT1 setup without the TV rear speakers and I also switch my STB sound through the Amp and speakers.

Hope the above helps;)


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I dont think mine had the poly wrap ehich is begining to worry me as maybe it was second hand.


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mine are 21w i thought i read they were 25w on the 36 but no one seemed to know at philips

thanks mind at rest over this now

and thanks for the wire advise this is how i have it but was told that 5.1 would work through the scart.

Still just concerned about the poly wrap.


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Originally posted by RON
Still just concerned about the poly wrap.

If no wrap...
If purchased mail order it is possibly a returned swap-out, not necessarily faulty, could be harmless reasons.
If purchased from a store, it is possible tv was unpacked to check before delivery, then re-packed without wrap.
If purchased from a store, also possibly ex-display, but unlikely as the boxes are too big to keep until sold.
Does serial number on box match serial number on television ?

Personally as long as tv is cosmetically perfect and is working as it should it wouldn't worry me unduly either way.


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Its ok me and some mates with climbing equipment and torces went on an expedotion into the box the tv came in it took several hours but we found th poly wrap for the tv in there i just didnt see it at the time


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