Philips 36PW9525 (Any Good?)

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by jltk87, Jun 15, 2004.

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    Jun 15, 2004
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    I’ve been thinking of getting a Philips 36PW9525 TV but I haven’t found out that much about it. If anyone’s got one or if u no a bit about it could you advise me whether to get it or not.

    Any advice would be much appreciated :thumbsup:
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    This TV is a great buy. I'm working through getting it set up for HDTV but it does not have a SCART schematic or info on whether I need RGB or YUV (YPbPr or YCbCr) and of course it does not have an inbuilt HDTV (high definition television standard is ~19 GB total bandwidth) receiver/tuner. The only other drawback is that black colours are not black enough, however hues and dynamic contrast can alleviate this problem.

    The TV supports dolby prologic (5.1 channel surround sound) and does 100Hz, Progressive Scan (digital scan), and digital natural motion (DNM). The widescreen ratios available are fantastic and 'Subtitle' mode is great for the 'theatre' DVDs which are 2.33:1 ratios (or something -I can't remember). S-Video is available on the front input panel (right side) and is great for camcorders, consoles and PC S-Video or Composite Input. Great reliability however after 2 years of using it, twice the firmware has lost some Brightness/colour settings (suspect a third party at play tho). The TV is bulky and heavy, weighing ~60 kilograms (~130 pounds) but well balanced if positioned on a custom table/rack.


    The 9527 is the next model up but is pretty close to the 9525 in almost every aspect. I highly recommend this TV, the best CRT has to offer :) Of course there are projectors to consider as well. If anyone has knowledge on the SCART functionality of these sets please let me know as HDTV is coming, sooner or later... Thanks.

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