Philips 36PW9308 Vs. JVC HV36P38.... Please help me in choosing 36" CRT



I'm new to this forum so I'll fill you guys in on the details. I have a choice to get either the above mentioned Philips or JVC 36" TVs. I was wondering could anyone help me with the decision. Anyone have any experiences with either of these TVS. Whether they're worth it etc. Any bad experiences ? Anyone know of any reviews either positive or negative ? Also will they both play Region 1 DVDs. I have a few R2 DVDs and I'd like to know if the TVs can handle NTSC Signals.

Thanks for your time, its a fairly large investment so I decided to come to the experts :eek:)



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I don't have this TV directly but I doubt that my current 36PW9618 and my old 36PW9527 were that different from that 9308. In my opinion his set has a very good picture quality when using a good quality source meaning DVD, consoles and digital set to box. The "cream" comes from PixelPlus technology (this has v1.5) which consists of oversampling and motion compensation. Oversampling produces more details into the picture while motion compensation makes the picture to move smoothly. If you are a fan of traditional "cinema" like picture then this TV might not suit you because the picture which this thing produces is far more advanced than that (I don't like "cinema" like picture because it flickers, stutters when moving and is overly soft). As far as NTSC goes the unit should handle that just fine.
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