philips 36 pw9607



having had this telly for a few days now i am quite dissapointed
with its picture quality pixel plus is a real mess unless you are watching the telly from quite a distance try this yourself dvd looks awful and their is a lot of smearing it is like looking at a real bad vhs movie i think the more gimmicks they put into these new tvs the worse the picture is, having had a tosh pic frame telly and putting the lighter sides issue on the back burner for a minute head to head the tosh has a far better picture. with the philips you can make all the pic adj available and it does no good a real loser
do you agree with this as i was just about to buy one
i went to demo one on sunday & the dvd looked crap i tried playing with the settings & like you said no different.the picture on the tosh**zd26 is much better but not with out it`s faults.
I only got mine on Friday, which I had swapped my Tosh 36zp18p for. I noticed the picture was poor from close up, but did get better from a distance.
I haven't had chance to try a DVD yet.
It looks like I've swapped bad for worse!
Does your philips have a buzzing problem?
Sorry guys,can't agree, I'm one of the many satisfied 36" 9607 owners and the DVD quality certainly isn't crap, it's fantastic and beats the Tosh hands the end of the day, choose a tv your happy with but for looks and performance, the 9607 is one of the best.
Have to agree with Beavis - 9607 (properly set up) is the best CRT picture I've ever seen. Broadcast or DVD. I know for some people pixel plus does look over processed, but for me its superb.

Any set will look dodgy if viewed too close, especially a 36" model. What settings are you guys using - maybe some tweaks will help.
everyone to there own but the one i saw did not beat the new strata on dvd.& i tested it on my dvd with my own scart not one of them cheap currys one.
Sorry but another satisfied viewer here, the biggest problem with 36" TVs is get too close and the picture looks crap, but sit back (I think 4 x width of tv ie 12' in this case) and the picture is totally different.

I agree PP can look processed particularly so in the case of some DVDs eg MI:2 in the Ayres Rock sequence, but the rest of the time the quality is second to none (sorry but I even think that the 9607 beats some of the brand name Plasmas for my viewing pleasure (and believe me I reviewed/tested a lot of TVs before laying out 2k on a CRT TV!!!)
All i can say is that the ones you have viewed my be dodgy sets - i think i was one of the first (if not the first) forum member to own a 36PW9607 and its kicked the living daylights out of any other TV i have seen or owned.

But then again each to there own i guess.

Those of U who R happy with 36'' philips. R U saying that with the Panny tube U don't find any of the probs seen by others? I only ask as I'm tryin 2 decide on a tv 2 buy.
Those of u who r happy wit 36'' 9607. R u saying that u don't see any probs with the Panny tube? I'm trying 2 decide on a new tv and your thoughts would help.

I'm between the new Sony36'' and the Philips so gimme all the pros and cons.
AV ADDICT - Not seen the Sony, but with their previous history of tv's I wouldn't touch them!

Regarding the 9607, I disputed the fact that it was a Panasonic tube instead of a Philips, but then when I saw the image quality I wasn't bothered which tube was in it, as the quality of the image was fantastic.

Good luck in your decision!

Cheers Beavis.

Would like to ask you if dvd and sky digital look good on it as seeing the set-up in shops gives you f*** all idea about the quality @ home.
What do you think about p+? Is it mostly kept on or off? Do u frequently have to change settings based on the channel watched?

Just need to get a users guide to it.

Isn't it funny how a bee loves honey. buzz, buzz, buzzz
No problem AVADDICT, here goes....

DVD quality is fantastic, played Monsters Inc last night and the detail is stunning, which leads me to Pixel Plus and I tend to leave it on all the time as the halo effect from Natural motion doesn't happen that often and if it does you can hardly ever notice it.

Not got Sky Digital as yet, but analogue transmissions look fine as well and pixel plus makes these look alot better than they would originally on a non pp set.

All I can say it's the first widescreen tv I've got and I looked at several over about 6 months and I'm more than happy with the choice I made.


Originally posted by philipb
Have to agree with Beavis - 9607 (properly set up) is the best CRT picture I've ever seen. Broadcast or DVD. I know for some people pixel plus does look over processed, but for me its superb.

Any set will look dodgy if viewed too close, especially a 36" model. What settings are you guys using - maybe some tweaks will help.

you are probabably right about the viewing distance the distance for my tv is 2.9 metres for the chair, and the over processed pp is very noticeable i guess the over processed look is not for me and it really does spoil watching dvd
It to agonised over whether to purchase the 36PW9607 due to it having a Pana tube. Saw it demo'd in curry's and wasnt that impressed to be honest - but then again i wasnt impressed with the Tosh set either.

I needed a new 36 incher and the short list was down to Philips, tosh and sony - in the end i opted for the philips - mainly due to the problems that the sony and tosh sets had.

I did shop around for where to get the set the cheapest - but due to 1) being an impatiant sod (no one who did the set cheaply had any in stock) and 2) being a bit concerned about being able to send the set back if i diodnt like it - i went and bought it for £2,000 from Seven Oaks S&V.

When i first go the set i didnt like the PP picture at all - the quality of the picture was fantastic, but it just looked artifitial, think it was how PP made the picture look 3 dimensional. So at first i just watched the set im plain old 100hz mode.

As time went on (about 2 weeks) i started watching certain things with PP on - after about a week of doing this i could no longer watch the set in 100hz mode at it looked blurry compaied to PP - and id got used to the way PP looked - and now absolutelly loved it.

This is by far the best picture i have ever seen on a CRT. Having just been away for a weeks business trip to the USA - i got back and turned on my TV and was again blown away with how good the picture was to what i had been watching in hotels in the USA, so much so i just started pulling out DVDs from my collection and watching them - think i spent about 6 hours on the day i got back watching DvD's :)

Also i recommened a mate to get the 32" version - his first comments where how it made the pic look 3D, and that he wasnt sure if he liked the look, i popped round to make sure he had it set up right, two weeks later i asked - how was the new Tv he replied - its f****** brilliant i cant stop watching it.

To sum up - PP can take a while getting used to (think this is due to the higher res and natural motion) but once you get used to it you wont want to live without it.

Only after finding this website could i finally pick the right tv !! which of course was the 36" 9607!!

i waited two hard gruelling months for it , and once i had it i was over the moon as the picture was superkallafrajalistikespialladoshus!!!!

i bought the Q50 , and watching dvd's is just crystal!!!!!!!
i would recommend this tv to everybody!!!!!

The saint
guys, Someone reported a 'wobble' at the sides of the screen when watching NTSC R1 DVDs. Can anyone confirmt hat this does/doesnt happen. I am replacing my FQ80 with a 9607 and i am praying it will be better, with no niggles etc.
Hi astonbilla, I will be getting a 36" 9607 tomorrow so I'll check it out with my Q50 setup.:cool:
I was meant to get mine today but Citylink said the box was too big for the van so they aren't bringing it till tomorrow???
Make sure that there are two delivery people... otherwise you'll end up having to help them lug the beast inside ;)
getting a 36" 9607 ON monday with jvc svhs tosh 220 dvd and nokia top box cant wait good thing is its the start of my 4 days off to play with it all.Could almost be xmas
ok guys get this, i have had 2 faulty sonys recently. Citylink made my wife help with one and my 67 year old father help with the other. Citylink in Northern Ireland are more dangerous than the bloody terrorists.

Also, i was meant to have a sub picked up and sent back to England today for a refund. they reckon They will "just pick it up tomorrow, it makes no difference" - and i'm paying for this too!
Well I really do hope that it works out for you, it truly sounds like your whole TV buying experience has been a bit of a nightmare.

Citylink really should be ashamed of themselves... if you still have any energy left write them a letter :devil:

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