philips 36 pw9607 TOSH 220 HOW TO WIRE UP


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I have just ordered a philips 36 pw9607 TV a TOSH SD220E DVD a JVC HR-6955 super vhs video and a refurb nokia mediamaster digi box.
I dont have it yet but i would like to know what the best way to wire it up would be and what cables i should get.The tv will be doing the 5.1 sound.
The shop threw in 4 JVC J126 SCART LEADs are these good do i need any other leads or a different lead i have heard a lot about RGB signal .
Thank you


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Connect the DVD player to EXT1 with RGB via SCART and sound via co-ax. Nokia box to EXT2 again via RGB SCART.

As you have an S-VHS VCR it would be ideal to connect this to EXT2 as well as it can handle S-VIDEO via SCART.

If your digibox has a 2nd SCART socket, connect the VCR to this and (hopefully) the S-Video signal should pass through.

Failing that, connect the VCR to the front (actually side) S-Video connector on the TV [you'll still need to connect the VCR and the digibox somehow so that you cna record from it].

The SCARTs given to you should be alright as long as they have all 21 pins connected (ask the store).

Hope this helps ;)

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