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Having bought the new 'Finding Nemo' DVD, I tried out the THX set up programme on it on my new 36" Pixel Plus.

When I got to the 16:9 test, I found that although the circle displayed correctly, the horizontal alignment was a bit out (the lines sloped downwards, right to left). Philips allow you to 'tilt' the image in setup, which did the job. Thank God for that I thought.

But then I noticed that firstly, the left hand vertical line wasn't displayed (it was off the screen) as if the whole image should be shifted to the right, and secondly, there was slight hooking on the inner edge that was displayed in the top left. You cannot move the image sideways in the set up menu.........and whats that hooking all about?

Is this a service job? Any way to corect this? Should I be worried?

scooby do

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Possibly RGB shift, quite a common problem that some sets can address within the user menu. IIRC not such option on the Philips, service menu will however correct it.


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Hi there Garion. You might find it useful to read this thread where I've posted some information regarding the service menu.

IIRC = If I remember correctly

Service menu is a hidden menu intended for use by "engineers" to adjust various aspects of the TV including picture geometry.

Hope this helps :)

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