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Philips 32PW9618 + live feed blues..?

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Mucus, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. Mucus


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    Hello there.

    After doing an aching amount of research using the magazines, this forum and other sources, I plumped for a 32PW9618.

    Received the TV on Tuesday. It's all set up now, but as I've been busy at work I haven't had to fine tune it past setting my Sky box to RGB and linking it up via JVC SCART J126 to EXT1. I'm desperate to get my DVD player hooked up!

    First impression? What a remote!

    Already, I've been blown away by the sound, and I haven't even tested the rear speakers yet. The picture is something I believe is going to take a bit more getting used to - first time owner of a TV with oodles of digital processing power see. And that's my dilemma...

    The picture, when watching a movie on Sky, is super-sharp. Music videos on MTV and the like seem equally as detailed (as long as you're not sat within two feet - but who is?). When my son's watched a cartoon, again, I've been blown away by the resolution. But with a 'live feed', such as the BBC news, or the local news, or GMTV etc, the picture seems very blocky. Is this a recognised 'feature' of the Pixel Plus sets (or even modern 'digitally enhanced' TVs in general) with these kind of broadcasts? Is there any way round it? Would such things as a SCART upgrade or switching to Sky+ make any difference (we're currently about 70% signal/50% quality with Sky)?

    Hope you can offer some advice.

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