Philips 32PW9617C + PS2?


Doc Holliday

I've been considering the purchase of one of these Philips sets for some time now, mainly because a local store does the 32PW9617C for £1000, it's mainly for use with DVD (Pioneer 636D) but most of all my trusty PS2, so I was wondering do any of the Pixel Plus owners have any views on how this set performs with Sony's machine

Any help would be much appreciated.... :)


If that really is a 32PW 9617C for a grand I'd buy two quickly -- thats at least £250 cheaper than I've ever seen them anywhere on the web -- I can't think they'll have them for long at that price

Doc Holliday

I was very skeptical when someone told me about this store having hese 'bargain' prices etc.... thought it was just waffle... so I went down and checked it out, they only stock Philips sets and I was looking for the 617 in particular and there it was £999.99 with the cabinet included!

I asked the fella "Theres nothing wrong with this is there?! is this the price for the display model?" he replied something along the lines of "Nope you'll get a brand new boxed set"

Cheapest I could find on the net was around £1200 andI wasn't too keen on mail order as I'd had the displeasure of returning a Tosh previously.... not sure if they're still selling them but if I do decide to take the plunge I know where I'll be heading


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consoles where the main reason i returned my 9607. Fantastic with DVDs, too clear with consoles.

Many people say that the double lines mode is much better, i could not live with it though.

However, TV and DVD will blow you away.

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