Philips 32PW9617 tube issues


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Having followed the discussion threads on this forum since the set was first available I waited until last month before ordering and specifically asked the retailer to ensure that the set came with a Philips and not a Panasonic tube - which they did. When the set arrived it clearly had a Panasonic tube - dots at the side and clear tube curvature - the picture is generally good apart from a band on the rhs about 3" wide which makes black and white pictures appear slightly yellow - colour is fine. I asked the retailer to confirm that the tube was a Philips which having checked with Philips technical Europe - gave serial number of set -they did. I again expressed concern and asked them to get Philips to put this in writing. This elicited a different response from Philips - they now said some some had Philips and some Panasonic - again I asked the retailer to press for written confirmation - this was referred upwards within Philips who then said that no 32 PW9617 sets have ever had or will have the Philips tube.
Before deciding what to do next I need to have any experience of other owners or intending owners.
Many thanks for your help


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Originally posted by wiggy
no 32 PW9617 sets have ever had or will have the Philips tube.

The person from Philips is absolutely spot on. I have a 32PW9617 (with a Panasonic tube) and I'm very happy.

If you aren't happy with the set you have, get it exchanged. Even with the Panasonic tube, if you get a good one, I'm sure you'll be very pleased.

If you are looking for a set with a Philips tube then go for the 9527, although this set has various problems that have been documented on these forums.

Good luck ;)


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So is this TV a Philips Blackline-S or what ever you call it,or a Panasonic Quintrix or what ever you call it?

To me the major part of a TV is the Tube and would affect my buying decision greatly.



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The 32PW9617 has a Panasonic Quintrix F tube. To me, the tube is also an important part of the TV as wel. I had my doubts aboiut this tube before I bought the set, but after seeing how well it's driven by Philips' own electronics, I find the TV to be excellent.


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Statements of fact that encourage you to enter into a contract must be true. If they aren't ,you may have a claim against the seller for "misrepresentation" .

I.E if the seller said the TV didn't have a panny tube when infact it does and this fact alone was the main reason for going ahead with the purchase then you have a claim against the seller for "misrepresentation"

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