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May 30, 2002
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Hi all,
Being new to this I'm confused - any help would be appreciated.

I want to add a dvdr890 to my pw9617 and additional front speakers and am not sure of the best way to do this.

I am happy with the cordless rear speakers but feel that additional front speakers will enhance the sound in my room.

The dvdr890 has a digital audio connection which I assume I should connect to digital audio in on the tv. There are audio front L&R outputs on the back of the TV but the manual states that they are to be connected to speakers via an amp. Can these be routed directly to speakers, if so will I be losing any sound quality or will it work at all.

I may be trying to achieve something easily achieved with a different solution. SO any views will be helpful to a novice


Originally posted by andicole
the manual states that they are to be connected to speakers via an amp.

The manual is right. If you are happy with the TVs own rear speakers and Dolby Decoding you can connect those front L&R outputs to *any* two-speaker stereo system that has line-in sockets. Connecting the outputs to anything other than Walkman" type personal stereo speakers will not give any sound.

If you don't have a "spare" stereo, you might as well either stick with the TVs internal sound, or go the separates route. For around £400, you can get a respectable (upgrade from the TVs sound) set-up from Richer Sounds. :)

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