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I have recently purchased a 32pw9617 and overall I am delighted with the set. However, I want to be able to use the TV to best advantage and wondered about Cinema sound.

To my untrained ear the onboard audio seems to put out reasonable sound quality in Dolby Digital 5.1 mode when using by Pioneer DV717 DVD player. However, as the DVD is now over 3 years old and is not multi-region, I wondered whether I might do better with something a little newer.

Due to space restraints I need to really only consider a one box solution to both AV amplification and DVD playing and had in mind the Denon ADV-700. I see HiFiBitz are offering this with Denon's own SC-50HTB 5.1 Speaker package at £655. I have read reviews of the DV-700 saying it is good value, but nothing about the speakers. I realise that these aren't likely to be the best but are they a good start and will I see any appreciable improvement over the sound I get out of the TV's own sound with the Denon set-up. I hope, if finances allow, to buy the KEF Egg speaker package at a later date, and therefore would I be better to wait until I can afford all in one shot and forget the free Denon speakers.

Any help on this would be appreciated, specially by those 32PW9617 owners out there (I know there are quite a few).
Feel free to ignore this:
Obviously, separates will give you the ultimate in quality, but as you said the sound is pretty decent for built in sound; have you considered saving a bit of money and buying a set of decent speakers and a sub-woofer from somewhere like Richer Sounds and hooking them up directly to the TV? The TV is quite happy for you to use speakers other than its own. This way you'll benefit from an improvement from all sources and not just DVD :)

Thanks for your thoughts. I won't ignore anything - as a relative newbie to all this, any input is appreciated and worth considering.

The problem with going to Richer Sounds, for instance, is the same as needing a one box DVD Receiver set up - Space. I am exceedingly short o it and all the gear that Richer Sounds seems to sell is standard hi-fi speaker size apart from a few sets of speakers which appear to be generic copies of the Sony DAV set ups. I was looking for something small that would be a distinct improvement on what is there already (which I strongly suspect these will not be). The Denon ADV-700 is supposedly an excellent DVD player but also acts as AV receiver giving improved sound from all sources as well as DTS and Dolby Pro-logic II. I would hope to hook up a Sky + box to it as well via optical out to enable me to receive satellite broadcsasts from the Sky Movies Widescreeen channel in 5.1 Digital and the remainder of channels in pro-logic II.

However, I could go for the KEF Eggs set up and plug them directly into the TV, assuming the internal amplification is good enough to make the difference worth the £700 investment worthwhile. Anyone tried something similar to this?
The outputs from the 9617 are not capable of driving speakers direct. They are designed for feeding an amp or active speakers (that is with a built-in amp). So you could not hook, for example, KEF eggs direct to the 9617, you would need an intervening amp set-up such as the Denon you mention.
Have you looked at the flat mission speakers the FS2av. The sound fantastic and you don't need an amp, I believe, and they are tiny and now under £500, check to find the best deal
The excellent FS2AV Mission speaker package can be bought from EmpireDirect for an awesome £369.55!
I bought the Sony 5:1 system last year - five speakers the size of coffee cups (plus floor subwoofer) and a control unit similar to a Play Station - ie it can be used vertically.

It's absolutely brilliant value for money and a snip at £350.

(Make sure it's the 5:1 version and not the older Dolby Prologic that some shops still have.)

It sure fills my room up with very good sound and I use it as a HiFi as well.

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