Philips 32PW9617, no sound from rear wireless speakers


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Hi, this is a relatively old TV but I hope someone can still help.
As noted the TV is a Philips 32PW9617/05. Further, the two wireless rear speakers consist of one active (AD 903WA/05) and one passive (AD 903 WP) unit. Finally, the transmitter for the wireless sound (usually attached to the TV but can be detached) is model number AD901WT/12 12V.

When it was working (having had the set from new), the sound from the rear speakers was pretty good and gave a decent surround sound effect. Recently the sound from the rear speakers has stopped completely. The sound from the TV itself is unaffected and I've tried playing with the menu settings to see if something has been changed good, still no sound.

I guess the most obvious cause would be a failed transmitter unit and if so, any ideas as to where I can hold of a new one (or even how to test the existing one)?

Any thoughts/ideas would be very welcome as apart from the sound issue the TV is still going strong!



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Hi, I've got exatly the same problem (and TV) and it started the other day. Could it be recent outburst of solar activity? I've heard of others experiencing problems at the time.

I haven't changed settings so it must be another cause. The active speaker goes from stand by to active (you can hear the click and the light goes green) when you play a movie (3/2) and something happens "behind you" that you know should produce sound from the rear speakers, but no sound what so ever comes from these speakers. This would indicate that the wireless works to some extent.

I've tried to connect the speakers with wire (as described in manual) but no luck.

I've hooked it up with another device producing sound/a signal but nothing.

I would like to know if there is som kind of reset mecanism either in the TV or in the active speaker.

Anyone know of a similar problem wit this or oter products?

And I agree, it's a great pice of equipment alltogeter and it would be costly to replace all that functionality with other solutions.



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Hi Matz,

Shame you have the same problem (although the green light doesn't even come on anymore on my active speaker, it just stays red). Hopefully someone out there might come up with a solution soon. In the meanwhile, I've had a look on e-bay and found a seller who thinks he might be able to track down a replacement transmitter (not OEM). If I get it and it works, I'll post again.


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Night Train & Matz

If you are still looking I can probably help out. I recently upgraded to flatscreen and kept the speakers & transmitter. Agree that the sound was great on these models & I got supplied with 2 sets of transmitters and speakers 11 years ago that are still going strong ( the spare set is ad902wt transmitter with ad903wp & ad903wa speakers - boxed and unused as new) the ones I used were ad901wt12 transmitter with ad902wp & ad902wa speakers - working fine.

Let me know if these are of interest - have you tried adjusting the button on the back of one of the speakers that has a 1,3,5,7 settings


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you do know this thread is from 2 years ago and to conform to forum rules you should post any items you have forsale in the correct classified forum.


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