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Hello!Is there any one else who's got this TV (32PW9617) and got this problem when connecting a DVD Player, Playstation etc:

1. During playback, the input-picture seems a bit displaced(In left direction) When I'm looking at centered Subtitles, logos (THX, DTS, DD in the beginning of a movie) the whole picture is not 100% centered.

If there is anyone else with the same problem, please answer me!
I'm considering replase with another!
Thanx!!:confused: :confused: :confused: :)


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This can be corrected fairly simply using the TVs service menu. Search the forum for Philips Sevice Menu for more info ;)


:cool: :D :cool:

Thanx for all help!I now got it figured out!But it seems like the changes allso affect the standard TV Signals(Only in 4/3 mode), allthough there only were a problem with the DVD/Playstation Input!! But it works great with my DVD's now!


;) :)



Thought I should mention that I'm getting my TV Set replaced in the end of the week. Although I adjusted the Horizontal geometry in the Service Menu, I found it rather annoing to own a brand new TV with a fault!The picture was OK watching ordinary TV broadcast, but not centered when using the DVD-player or PLaystation. Then, when I changed the settings in the service menu, I fixed the picture on AV1(DVD), but this of course also affected the tv broadcast!

:D :D :D

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