Philips 32PW9617 Black Bars



I know that there are many threads regarding the 'Black Bar' issue with the Pixel + range, just thought I'd share my currenct experience of this TV with you..

My first set showed up the vertical black bars on the right hand side straight away on inputs Ext1 & Ext2
After complaining to the retailer (Alders) they swapped it out straight away, no-fuss.

The 2nd set had the same problem. So I contacted Alders who sent an engineer out.
The engineer came out when football was on so he spotted the problem immediatly.
It was the first time he'd come across this problem so he was clueless as to how he could fix it..
He told me that he'd contact Philips and get back to me blah blah.

Obviously he didn't phone back, so I've just been on the phone to Alders...and wasn't quite expecting this answer...

"Sorry sir, we do acknowledge that there is a problem on ALL Pixel Plus sets, the ones we have here in store also show it. We've spoken to Philips who ARE aware of it, but don't class it as a problem, merely as a side affect that all 100hz TV's will show somewhere on the screen. This is due to a wire located to the rear of the tube, therefore, there is no fix and a replacement TV will only be the same as the last one"

He went on...."Sony TV's also have the problem, but they tend to be horizontal bars as opposed to Vertical"
That's got to be some kind of wind-up hasn't it?!

So the moderatly good news is that Philips are aware of the problem, but the crappy news is that they ain't going to do a thing about it!

So I'm currently waiting for a phone call from the store manager to discuss my options....I'm seriously considering ditching the Philips, which will be a big shame as aside from the black bars, it's a cracking TV.. :mad:


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and isn't it amazing that if Joe Punter talks to Philips Customer Service then there is no mention of the problem and, more worryingly, that the TV/Hi-fi/Home Cinema press don't make an issue about the problem either. I wonder who lines their pockets at Christmas !!!???

I wonder if an e:mail to the Consumer's Association will fire them up ?

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