philips 32pw9576


hi me again:rolleyes:

i got this tv a week ago & it has a few faults the first one i think there is a fix.but i have noticed the screen seems to have dirty marks all over the screen like the screen is dirty.i noticed this watching football when the camra pans the screen.so doe`s anyone have this problem on this model or any philips for that matter.plus is there anyway you can get rid of these dirty looking marks.


hi again liverpool, ive just put football on my 9527 didnt notice any dirty marks, picture seemed ok??


cheers for looking a few others have had this problem.but on the pixel plus sets.but they never said if they got it fixed.i dont want to get it swaped as it will most likely be same.so if anybody has had this & had it fixed please can you let me know.
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