Philips 32pw9528 questions


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I've had a Philips pixel plus 32pw9528 for several months now. Initially I was totally unimpressed with this TV and sadly I am still unimpressed.
I have found pixel plus and Movie plus to be excellent when watching films such as Toy story, toy story 2, Monsters inc and Finding Nemo but found when watching films with things such as humans in it is totally unnatural.
In order t to watch films as close to how the director intended(with some depth to the picture) I have turned off just about every digital enhancement feature and reverted to standard 100hz.
Unfortunately now there are bands of approximately 2 inches on either side of the screen where the pixels are quite visible. I wonder if this is a fault or whether it is yet another unwanted feature that you inherit when buying a £1000+ tv set.

The other question I have is about the wonderful feature, auto screen fit.
For anybody that hasn't come across this it works as follows.
While watching 4:3 broadcasts if the TV detects black bars at either top or bottom of the screen it will automatically expand the screen distorting and degrading the quality of the picture as it goes.....great.
Its especially irritating when it zooms in and out 40 times during one advert break.
I realise thet I can switch to 4:3 screen mode to stop it but wondered if anybody knows of a way of turning the feature(hinderance) off completely.

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