Philips 32pw9527



I would really like to know the current thoughts on the Philips 32pw9527. I have had a look through the forum and read various views/problems.

However, has anyone purchased one who would recommend it. If so, what is the best price paid.

I look forward to hearing from you all soon



Well I see lots of people like this telly. :clown:

Seriosuly though a mate of mine is looking at buying this and would like to know too.

He found it for £1000 from empire-direct.


I am very happy with my 32/9527. Picture is excellent when watching dvd and cable, both thru' rgb.

Pixel + gives a 3d look to some scenes making them look life like.

Sound quality is good, plenty of bass. Features on the tv are good as well, plenty of options for altering the picture, to suit your needs.

The only major problem i have are 2 darks bars down either side of the screen, on dark scenes. An engineer is looking into this for me at the moment.

There are a lot of threads on this tv, on the forum. Outlining the problems people have had and the praise for the tv.

Overall i'm quite a happy chappy.


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Originally posted by PaulJ
The only major problem i have are 2 darks bars down either side of the screen, on dark scenes. An engineer is looking into this for me at the moment.

Could you keep us informed on how the problem evolves, and if it is eventually solved?

I have the same problem on mine...


Alan D

I've heard a lot about the "dark bars" affecting certain sets (Panasonic/Philips?) - can someone post a graphic to show what they look like - size and position?


the dark bars on mine are about 4 inch from right hand side of tv and 1 inch from left.

they are about 1-2 inch wide. think they are there most of the time, but only become prominent on darker colours or most noticeable when screen is black, u can see them best when flicking channels and screen goes black.

the dark bars just darken the picture, the picture is still there, but just darker than the rest of the picture. it does get quite annoying once you notice they are there.

Apparently there is a fix, see previous threads, a ferrite ring is what is needed i believe.

Showed engineer fix and just waiting for him to get back to me as he didnt know anything about it.

Will keep you posted. hope this is of assistance to you.



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Hi, Just taken delivery of this set from comet good price just over £1000 but it is going straight back and being exchanged for the Sony 32fx66.

Problems include the dark bars and unbelievably poor reproduction of sport in particular football i watched one game on sky connected with rgb and it was shocking the ball looked like it was made of wool and the players shirts were just a fuzzy haze.

Real shame because the set looks great and sounds great but pixel+ is seriously flawed when dealing with any fast movement.:(

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