Philips 32PW9525 help req'd


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I've had my Philips 32PW9525 for 2 years and it's been faultless.
Talking to mates at work only yesterday about never having a TV breakdown and quess what?
Switched it on tonight,watched it for an hour and the picture had a blue glow to white edges and then switched itself off.
If I switch it on, I get a grey screen with a few horizontal lines and then it switches off after about 10 seconds. The red light flashes under the screen, which I've never seen before.
Can anyone shed any light on this problem please?


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Given the symptoms, the only thing you can do is to get a repair center to look at it. It sounds as if something in the picture tube drive circuits (such as the cathode cutoff) and/or deflection has failed.

Of course, these things always happen when you point out their absence. There are actually three orders of severity to Murphy's Law;

1st order: Something bad happens only because it can
2nd order: Something bad happens even though you tried to prevent it
3rd order: Something bad happens only because you tried to prevent it

So, if it makes you feel any happier, you were struck by a Murphy of only the 1st order. ;) I usually get 3rd order Murphies.

I wish you the best of luck in getting the set repaired and that it won't set you back that much. The TV is young enough to be well worth repairing.


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Thanks for the reply.
Thankfully I bought it from John Lewis in Bristol and it is covered for 5 years. I've found the original receipt with something faded saying about 5 year cover, so hopefully that's all I'll need.
And now for the "how long is a piece of string question", does anyone in this area know who JL's repairer is and a rough idea of who long they take ?

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