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    Who has ideas how to remove.. To solve this провлему

    Quality images (video-picture) - EXCELLENT !

    But here declared (guaranteed) by the manufacturer
    Quality of a sound - Virtual Dollby Surround - does not correspond to this model.
    Let's me to explain:
    1. According to the electric circuit for the given model
    Should be established - 4 dynamics.. Right - left..
    Central (on the forward panel)
    Sub-buffer (inside TV)
    2. Are actually established only 2 dynamics- .Right - left..

    They do not provide - quality of a sound - Virtual Dollby Surround.. since.
    At 30-40 % a level of loudness - (is smaller than 30 w RMS)
    On some frequencies - resound ( there is a resonance ) with the case of the TV !! <<Main problem ...
    Also deform a sound - especially at viewing films with DVD.

    If the frequency-spectrums to clean(remove) all frequencies - that a sound picture-
    - In general very poor, like as " a flat sound " - as in the cheapest
    Models TV.
    On my inquiry - how to improve sounding (to clean//remove) a resonance... A tinkling sound from case TV)-
    Local PHILIPS Service - speaks that can help nothing.

    Jouri from MOSCOW

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