Philips 32PW9308



Ok, after reading the forums here and testing the TV, i finally took the plunge and got the 9308 a couple of weeks back.

My experience has been pretty similar to most of you out there, but i finally have an extremely good picture from most sources, however it has taken some testing!

As all of you know, this television varies greatly in quality depending on whats connected to it, even things like stretching a 4:3 picture from a good source can make certain sources almost unwatchable, so with that in mind I thought I would share the settings that I have on my set for those of you that have problems getting good performance, it can be achieved! :)

obvious stuff first:

You need an RGB source, absolutely no compromise on this. If you dont, buy a different set, simple as that.

I usually set:

contrast: 80
colour: 50
brightness: 50

I tend to keep these values the same no matter what i'm watching.

For normal TV signals and videogames, turn off noise reduction, dynamic contrast, and also active control. Set the sharpness to 0 or 1 and leave the television in pixel plus or movie plus mode. IMO these options give the some of the best broadcast pictures that I have ever seen, you get the increased resolution of P+ but without the processing problems from the other digital features. This works well for XBOX, PS2 and whatever other console you want to feed to the tv.

Also, KEEP THE ASPECT RATIO CORRECT... this is the biggest tip that I can give on this set, using zoomed pictures from a cable or sky box simply look bad, no matter what settings that you use. Keep 4:3 in 4:3 with the black bars, you'll get used to it after a while :)

As most people know, DVD playback on these sets is the absolute strong point and the picture quality can be absolutely stunning at times. For a DVD source, I generally set dynamic contrast and noise reducton to medium and turn active control to maximum or if the film is particularly dark in terms of the colour tone, set this to medium. Good films to test the quality of these settings are Lord of The Rings, Bullitt (which looks absolutely stunning) and also, strangely, Phone Booth, which to my surprise gave the best quality picture that I have ever encountered in a home set.

The only two drawbacks, would be ones that have been previously mentioned in these forums, i.e. the lack of ability to autoswitch between 4:3 and 16:9 rather than super zoom and 16:9 as it stands, and also the 'vertical bars' problem.

I have to say that I can notice these at points in certain broadcasts, and they can be annoying. Can someone tell me, is this purely to do with the tube? can it be fixed by an engineer or is a new set necessary?

Anyway, hope this has been use to some of you out there.

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