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philips 32pw9308 (headache?)



hello recently bought a philips 32pw9308tv my first digital picture tv and the pic is amazing
especially through dvd, lord o, t, r, and gladiator namely.
but i seem to be struggling to cope with the fast near 3d pics and this is causing me a constant headache :eek: is this me or has it happened to you? i used to have a 28inch widescreen before (non dig pic) never a problem i have read screen size x3 is a safe viewing distance? im currently 100 inch approx viewing distance is this normal?is it the extra inches or the digi pic proceccing causing my bad head? will i get used to it?or am i going to have to sell my tv already? any thoughts :lease:


I'm not 100% sure what you mean by `fast near 3d pics` but if you are suffering from problems viewing the digital image, try changing the setting to 100htz rather than Pixel Plus or Movie Plus. Play around with the settings a little bit and see if that makes things easier.
I started off disliking the Pixel Plus mode and used my 9308 in 100htz mode but I have now switched back to Pixel Plus and find it better.
If you watch a lot of TV through an aerial, get cable, sat or freeview, as this makes the picture much better.

Cynthia 7

Hi gypsyboy,

I have the Philips 36PW9618 and watch this from 13 feet. Mainly because it's my favourite spot in the corner of the sofa and nicely angled for viewing. Sometimes though I sit right in front of the fire and watch it from 3 feet, that does get a bit trying for the eyes. Your viewing distance is in the recommended scale but sometimes personal sight (long or short sightedness) can affect this.

What possibly is the cause of the problem is the picture settings on your television. I tend to keep mine on a fairly natural setting and altered it so many times last spring when I bought my Philips 36PW9618. When it first arrived I found the picture so dazzling I could hardly look at it, the factory settings being so high. Contrast, brightness, colour were nearly at maxium. These are the picture settings I currently have but I do change them from time to time:

Smart Picture: Personal
Contrast: 40
Brightness: 47
Colour: 53
Sharpness: 3
Tint: Cool
Digital Options: Pixel Plus. Sometimes on Movie Plus for fast action movies.
Dynamic Contrast: Medium
DNR: Minimum (sometimes off)
Colour enhancement: On (sometimes off, I can' tell the difference!)

Make a note of your original settings before you change any.

Try moving a bit further away. When my son bought a new 17" portable television for his bedroom, to replace our 20 year old 14" Sony portable, he found it gave him headaches. In the end he moved it further away and reduced the factory settings and it was o.k.

Good luck gypsyboy, I hope you and your Philips have a long and happy life together!

Cynthia 7

I see Niburu pipped me to the post. He has the same ideas though and has the advantage of having the same television as you so it will be more applicable.

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