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Philips 32PW6518 service menu trouble



Well, I guess I brought it on myself... watching The Simpsons on my new Philips 32PW6518 I felt that the edges of the 4:3 display weren't quite straight, so I opened up the service menu and played with the geometry settings. I've got it slightly straighter... but the tv seems to have trouble accepting the settings.

Whenever I turn it off or even change input source, the EWW setting gets reset to a really low level, causing the tv to become very pinched in the middle.

Any other settings I change seem to stick fine, but that one always gets reset to single digits (I want it to be about 26).

Any suggestions how I can make the setting stick? Or am I going to have to go into the service menu every time I turn the tv on or change channel? :eek:



Well, I managed to solve the problem. I tried another DVD (Taxi Driver), and was surprised that it displayed at a 4:3 aspect ratio. Tried another I knew to be widescreen, the same thing... so I adjusted the EWW setting to get it back to 16:9, and turned the set off/on. The setting stuck :)

Conclusion: the TV modifies the EWW setting internally when it's projecting a 4:3 image (to make it square shaped). When you change the EWW setting manually, it takes it as the "widescreen value"... then next time you give the tv a 4:3 source reduces it, intending to get the image square in the centre of the screen.

Hence, any geometry adjustments done on a 4:3 source are pretty much invalidated when you're watching something in widescreen. If you do want to fiddle with the geometry, make sure it's in widescreen mode!



I will like some help on the New 29" Philips Pixel Plus 2 TV that I bought.
The problem is that the Picture is curved at the Bottom only, I have tried to fix it by going into the Service Menu but no luck. The Picture is bent like a bow towards the ground from the edges and it seems to be a bit inwards. The fault is especially more appreciate with scrolls that run at the bottom (Like some News Channels etc)
anyone do let me know what to do, I got a 100Hz Philips Tele first got it replaced with another 100Hz Tele, both had the same problem then I got this Pixel Plus 2 tele, and it too has the same problem
The picture quality on this tele is top notch , but the Gemetry Problem is not cool. What to do, should I get rid of the Philips altogether ? but what to get that matches the same quality in 29" ?
Anyways the model number is Philips Pixel Plus 2 "29PT9421/56R".

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