Philips 32PW6517/6506: Noisy, rumbling extra-sound! The stand?

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by TVhomejs, Jul 20, 2004.

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    Hi! This is a update of my earlier post because of new information. I now know that the problem has nothing to do with vibrations and the stand.

    Bought the 6517 (with the chassis L01 LS from 2003) about 2 months ago and returned it after 3 weeks!

    First and foremost because of the faulty sound. The normal, intended sound was from the start accompanied by a dark, noisy, rumbling sound like "distant thunder" or "wind in microphone". Even in silent passages of a movie or other content this noise was often heard, but generally it was triggered off by and accompanied the intended sound. From the beginning it was obvious with the presets "Music" and worst "Theatre". Less obvious, but irritating with "Personal". Only with "Speech" the noise disappeared, but so did most of the joy of sound! No change of the settings for bass or treble made any difference. The same for stereo and mono. Gradually I found the noise unbearable, also with the preset "Personal".

    Now I've been the owner of a Philips 32PW6506, an older model, (with the chassis L01 E1 from 2002) for about 3 weeks. As with the 6517 you simply can't use the sound presets "Music" and "Theatre" because of the same noisy "extra" sound. But until recently I found the sound acceptable with "Personal". But not any longer! Guess I've just been lucky with the programs for a while.

    At a danish AV-forum, where I have asked (too!), if anybody knows the problem, I got an affirmative answer from a member. He describes - or in fact Philips has described it so in a bulletin about "known faults" - the problem as "wind in microfone"-noise, which is spot on. I myself described it as a "distant thunder"-noise. We're obviously talking about the same experience. He claims that the L01E-chassis has the fault, and that is is a software-fault, in fact about a feature that has to be deactivated - to do with Ultra Bass or something like that - and that it can be diagnosed with Philips' ComPair (PC-interface). As a response to Philips' not knowing the problem, he states that Philips should know it, because they have found the solution for at least L01.1E og L01.2E! He hasn't heard/seen the fault on models with the A10-chassis and haven't seen the L04 yet (with the new PW6518, PW6618 and PW6408). In fact I've been promised a 6518 as a replacement as soon as the store where I bought it gets it. But how good/bad is that TV?

    I've noted the following facts:
    1) The noise disappears with the preset "Speech". I assume that this preset cuts off the lower frequencies, indicating that the problem has to do with decoding the bass-area.
    2) Worst preset is "Theatre". That preset accentuates precisely the lower frequencies.
    3) Problem is present most of the time, watching movies. Most movies use Dolby Surround with a wide spectrum of sound.
    4) Both models have a L01-chassis (L01 LS and L01 1E).

    Anybody similar experiences? Had the problem solved?
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    I have a problem with the sound of a Philips 32PW9617 as mentioned in a previous thread and is almost certainly the unit of the set that has changed its own internal "digital" settings for the worse. I have also found a similar thread on the same subject for a 32PW9616.

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