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    To enter the service menu use the number keys on the remote and enter the number 062596 and then press the OSD button.
    If you then get the service menu on the screen and no picture, just snow, press one of the station selection buttons (eg 1) and you will now get a picture on the screen as well.
    You can now change the geometry settings (after first writing down all of the current settings in case you need to change them back) and you will be able to see the changes to the picture as you change the settings.
    When you are happy with the picture, press the menu button, and you will go back to the main service menu. Now press the standby button to turn the tv off, which will save your new settings.
    I had some geometry problems with my set, but I have now corrected them using the above method and I am now happy with the picture.
    I hope this will be of help to some of you who are not happy with their picture.

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