Philips 32PW6006 RGB Scart Problem




I recently purchased a Philips 32" Widescreen TV (32PW6006).
I also bought new (decent) Scart cables for both my DVD player and PS2.

OK, so the DVD player now plays with excellent quality into Scart 1 (the RGB scart according to the manual), great :)

However, my Playstation 2 picture on Scart 1 is now ... strange.

I'll explain...
The picture is way! darker. Like real! dark. When I changed the brightness/color/contarst etc.. what happens is that the black areas of the picture appear to start having 'ghosting' problems and on other parts (dark blue) there seem to be weird horizontal lines.

I thought it was the cable but tried on a friends Philips 32" (32Pw6005 - older model) and it gives a great! picture.

Anybody encountered this or know what might be causing the problem.

I had same set-up (DVD,VCR,PS2) before with my old Grundig 32" and the picture was top class with the PS2.

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Welcome to the club! if you look at previous posts including mine you will see this is a problem for some. I have a the same model and size as you.i have a philips set top box which is perfect in rgb but like you my ps2 is way too dark. I have also tried a venturer sts32 dvd player and that was too dark in rgb also.there is probably people with the same tv that have one item connected that is o.k in rgb,unaware that another item they connect may display the dark rgb problem . I now have my ps2 connected in scart 2 with an s-video lead which is fine.What i don't understand is why some items are fine while others are not!?:mad: :confused: Anybody any answers? P.S. my ps2 was perfect on my previous toshiba tv.


Thanx Joe.

Its really annoying as the picture was perfect on my last Grundig 32" and on other Philips 32" models. It also works fine on my 14" Portable TV.

I'd love to know the reason for this or even better...a solution.

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