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Philips 32PF9956 and 32PF9976



Well, thanks to this forum, I finally bit the bullet and ordered a Philips 32PF9956 from www.tvandvideodirect.com who appeared to be the cheapest around. It seemed perfect and also had memory card and USB inputs which I really thought could be useful - however, I soon realised that this was a BIG mistake as this set only supports a PC input resolution of 640x480 via the HDMI connector. WTF is all that about???

So - I ended up phoning tvandvideodirect to change my order to the 32PF9976 - very similar to the 56 (no USB and memory card inputs) but nearly 200 quid cheaper and supporting PC resultions of 1024x768. They were extremely professional about it all and the best thing is that the set will come this Friday (3 day turnaround!).

I've noticed a bit of a lack of information regarding the 9976 as the 9986 seems to get all the headlines, so I will endeavour to report back asap.

Thanks for this forum and the people in it who make the process of buying an LCD screen both fun and terrifying at the same time :laugh:


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It has certainly been the case that the 9976 has been very much in the shadow of its big bruv. I've been recommending this set to anybody and everybody who says they either can't afford the 9986 or don't like its looks.

Apart from the lack of Ambilight and no PP2 it seems to be technically nearly identical.

The picture settings for the 9986 seem to transfer quite successfully to the 9976 from the feedback I've got from the two or three people on this forum who have one!

Look forward to hearing more.



The 32pf9986 also is equipped with two tuners, the 32pf9976 isn't. If you like PIP this is something you should consider.

Furthermore, Philips generally is very conservative with reporting supported screen resolutions in their manuals. For example, the 26pf9946/56 screens don't support 1280x768 according to the manual (the screen's OSD even states that 1024x768 is the 'native' resolution), but in practice it is no problem to run 1280x768 resolutions (native that is) with the screen.

Especially through DVI (HDMI), with the correct settings (Power Strip) I wouldn't be surprised if the 32pf9956 will also support its native resolution with some tweaks on the video drivers. Furthermore, since you can upgrade the firmware of this screen by yourself, Philips may fix this if it really isn't possible.

I read some reviews on the 32pf9976 and the 32pf9956 and one user who was so lucky have both screens on trial at the same time reported that although the specifications of the screen were identical, picture quality of the 32pf9956 isn't far as good as the 32pf9976. It was suggested it had something to do with different type of video post processing chips for the two models. The 9976 is equipped with a OTC Chipset en de 9956 is based on a Philips Nexperia PNX8550 processor (codename Viper2).


I have now received the Philips 32PF9976 from TV and Video Direct (who I can heartily recommend) and connected it up to my Panny SKY receiver via an IXOS XHT611 SCART cable and to my KISS DVD player via a cheapish SCART cable (for now).

Results? I am absolutely astounded with the picture quality, from both SKY and DVD sources, compared with my old JVC CRT set. What has struck me is the vibrancy of the colours and the realism of the picture - almost like a window. I used the 9976/9986 settings as given by jimsan in an earlier post - these really do improve the picture a lot. Pixel Plus does the biz in terms of improving picture quality and definition.
Sound-wise, the built-in speakers do a good job for their size.
I have yet to connect it to my Mac Mini via the DVI connector but I have high hopes based on the results so far.
In summary - I demo'd the 9986 in a local shop, and to my eyes this TV provides a picture just as good but 400 quid cheaper. Maybe if you're a professional telly watcher you might see the difference, but I can't!


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I'm glad you like the 9976 KH!

I truly think that this TV is the UK's best kept LCD secret! It is genuinely great value and seems to perform at, or at least, near the level of the LCD King itself - the 9986.

Amazingly, the picture will continue to improve over the next days and weeks as the screen 'settles'.



Robert Hill

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I agrre the 9976 is picturewise excellent and at £1240 something of a bargain. Compared against the Samsung LW32 which I had for a brief spell, before it went wonky, it is much superior, but the Samsung is a better looker! However, as mentioned in another thread, the sound quality of the Philips is not good. The distortion that originally occurred was caused by an oscillating fan in the same room, and as the screen is fed by a video sender, I suspect this was a cause? However, the quality of the loudspeakers is not good, despite adjusting the sound settings (with sub on , and sub off). So, I've connected an old Yamaha amp to the screen, then borrowed 2 B+W 601 speakers from another room, but they added too much bass (they're rear effects in t'other set up), so went to Currys and got a set of cheapo Tangent 50 speakers for £40 and hid them round the back of the screen. Much better. I hope they're shielded, but haven't seen any screen bleed so far, (wonder of you get that on lcds??).


Robert Hill said:
I hope they're shielded, but haven't seen any screen bleed so far, (wonder of you get that on lcds??).

No LCD displays do not suffer from this.

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