Philips 32PF7520D E4 Crashes the TV

Discussion in 'Philips TVs Forum' started by Mr. Timmeh, Oct 20, 2005.

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    I recently purchased this TV and now when i watching any channel but freeview the picture is great and the sound is fine!

    However when i turn on E4 the picture is fine for about 3 seconds then i get a black flicker go across the screen and the sound disappears. The TV seems to have 'crashed' i can no longer change channels or do anything but alter the sound and turn off the tv.

    When i turn the TV back on it is fine and goes back to the last channel where it was working.

    e4 seems to crash as the info banner disappears.

    If i press to get rid of the banner early then the picture and sound stay and everything is fine but again the only thing i can do is volume and turn the tv off i can't move to another channel. also more annoyingly when i turn the tv back on again its stuck on e4 and i still can't change channel.

    I have tried leaving the tv unplugged for a while and unplugging everything plugged into the TV except the TV cable, i've also tried a full rescan and so far i have had no joy.

    Any help much appreciated


    edit: i've also tried an old freeview box plugged into the tv via a scart cable, this worked fine on all channels including e4.
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    I dont know if this will help you now and i know its a late reply (ive only just joined here) but there was an update for this hdtv a short while back which stops it crashing. i had exactly the same problem.

    All you have to do is put your tv on standby and it will update. dont touch it though while its updating as it will make things worse.

    You will see it updating while in standby it shows up onscreen from what i can remember.

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