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    3 query points rely - but very interested in ongoing threads RE: Component, Firmware version, etc.

    I am using a HTPC with powerstrip (currently @ 1368 x 768 w/ the back side bars :( ) and using a VGA to DVI adaptor connection (going to go with DVI just havent bought cable yet.)

    1) One of these threads mentioned someone managed to get 1080i working at full screen via a DVD player - would this have been via DVI or componenet? If i wished to try this setting via the HTPC/Powerstrip what refresh rate should you use and could the wrong rate affect the screen. Playing about one evening I did manage to get a standard powerstrip setting 1080i signal but it seemed to shimmer (low refresh rate???) and still was giving the black bars (also needed major recentring). Also could the VGA connection be affecting things - would DVI help to get this setting. My understanding is that interlaced signals have to be analogue but i could be wrong. I am no expert on powerstrip, etc.

    2) Secondly, my remote control of the HTPC / DTV (via nebula) also changes the TV (i.e channel 1 in DTV/Nebula changes TV from DVI connection to analogue channel 1/BBC1. Strangely the TV remote doe not effect the HTPC. It seems the HTPC needs a much more acurate code than the TV. Is there a way i can change the fequencies of the TV so that each unit does not get effected.

    3) Lastly whatever setting i place within the TV menu (i.e colour, sound levels, etc. after turning TV off and on again all the setting seem to revert back to their original setting. Is there a way these can be held and not have to be rest each time.

    Lots of questions i know but help would be much appreciated.

    PS: On a side note i am going to be ringing Philips on the number given in the threads querying about Firmware, etc. Will update when i get a response.

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