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Feb 1, 2004
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All I have seen is good reviews about this product. I was initially going to go for a Hit 42" plasma but looking at them in the flesh they would be way to big for my 12' by 10' lounge and after seeing this Philips in Currys I was very impressed with the PQ and it's asthetics.

Has anyone got one of these themselves? If so how do you rate it? Any idea on what warranty Philips offer on dead pixels?

Any help would be appreciated!

I've got one and love it. Theres a picture on page 45 of the 'get your plasmas out' thread.

Very high resolution, great pixel plus, good analogue tuner, plenty of inputs, and a shiny metal remote control

Only downside is a slight lack of deep blacks, but thats only occasionally noticable for me.

Perfect size for my lounge - and its easy to wall mount (comes with mount and screws etc, and its light enough to mount by one person)

Can't recommend it highly enough - apart from getting it from John Lewis for £1999 (get them to pricematch sevenoaks hifi), and get a 5 year warranty free.

As for dead pixels, either view it in store, or return it under their no quibbles policy within 28days.
I take it the 5 year warrenty was something "thrown in" by John Lewis not Philips?

EDIT- Just seen the JL website.

Another question however. Can anyone suggest a decent progressive scan dvd player (home cinema) to go with this?
you know what? I wouldn't bother.

Firstly because I think the internal scaler provides a really good picture through Svideo.

Oh, and secondly, because the screen doesn't accept progressive scan for NTSC - only PAL. Go figure :p

But if you only use PAL DVDs, then you'd be OK. I use the philips 963SA. Thats not a recommendation, as I have probably the only working one in the world (not very reliable apparantly), but it was one of the first out with PAL progressive support.
I will only be using Pal dvd's. Ideally I wanted to connect to the lcd through the component inputs but if I understand correctly unless your dvd player supports pro-scan the component inputs on the lcd won't accept the signal?!?
thats right. It's an odd bugger, thats for sure.

But really, unless you have a progressive scan player, I don't see the point of component. In the UK anyway, RGB Scart is fine for interlaced images, and the philips has two RGB capable Scart sockets.

In an ideal world yes, buy a PAL progressive scan player (check out the DVD player forum) and connect via component. All discs would then be played back progressive, so no worries on the screen front.
1 last question Richard..

I noticed on the inputs there is a centre speaker input. I presume this uses the built in speakers to act as a centre speaker in a 5.1/dts setup. What form does this input take e.g phono etc..??
I have already posted something about my troubles with my Philips on another place in this forum so hope you don't mind the repeat :
Need help setting up my the moment PQ is bad (sore eyes this morning and it wasn't the red wine !) and I have to constantly fiddle to get comfortable PQ as I change channels. Tech help here is non-exisent so I need to know how to hook the panel up to Eurosat receiver and Sony Home theatre with PS2 begging for input (in fact PS2 gives best results). Would also like to hook up a cracking new great 17" HP laptop just purchased as well.
I believe it has DVI input ...which one is it?
I get Sky, BBC World and Prime and CCN. BBC Prime is usually very good but I still can't get a better picture that my 3yr old Sony WEGA 29" CRT.
Which screen format should I use and when? 4:3 gives best PQ at the moment.
The manual is useless at providing help..I haven't even been able to work out how to set the clock on the panel yet !
Now, a lot of hard earned cash has been spent and the Minister of Finance is waiting for am I in fact !
Sorry Griffbo, can't help with that. You'll need to check the manual. It is available to download online, from the philips website. Just search for the model number in the 'support' section.

I think they are phonos though.

Tuberider, see my post in the >30" thread.
TR - Have you got the LCD panel or are you refering to a Philips Plasma?
I have the 30" LCD panel 30PF9975...I have read a lot of posts both good and bad about this unit and am struggling to get the good PQ. Am now armed with a number of option (Tx Richard) and will be putting it thru its paces ! Still no joy with the best connection combo tho'

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