Philips 30PF9975 - very poor PQ with analogue cable TV signal



Help ! I've just bought a Phllips 30PF9975. Persuaded by the excellent reviews and awards it is has got.

This is my problem.

The picture quality for broadcast TV is just godawful. Worse than my 10 year old CRT set.
I'm getting dot crawl, motion flicker, artefacts all over the place and worst of all, the contrast looks terrible especially on
flesh tones. Any light area on a face looks glaringly bright no matter how low I set the contrast and brightness.
Colour is also bad, orange and red especially look positively fluorescent.
Though it is better on some channels and worse on others.

I've tried playing with all the settings, setting Progressive Scan instead of Pixel Plus, setting Digital Natural Motion off, DNR off etc. but that doesn't help

The set is not faulty as I've played DVDs and then the picture is generally excellent. I tried Moulin Rouge for example and it
looked beautiful.

I have an analogue cable TV input via coax which goes straight into the TV coax connection.

I get the impression that it could be the low quality of the cable input signal that is causing the trouble.
In the shop where I bought it the picture was just as bad (yes, I know why did I buy this thing again ?)
so I assume they have the same crappy analogue cable input.

What I can't understand is why this supposedly award winning set gives such bad results with an analogue broadcast signal.
Surely a good TV should be able to make a poor quality signal look better, not worse.

Anyway, my main questions are.

1. Would it help if I connect my existing analogue cable input in a different way ?
2. If I upgrade my cable package to digital, will that solve the problem ?

I would really appreciate some advice. Thanks.

B.T.W. I live in the Netherlands at the moment ( I also bought the set in the Netherlands).My cable supplier is called Casema.
My DVD player/recorder is the Sony RDR-GX3 connected via RGB scart to Ext1.


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>>Surely a good TV should be able to make a poor quality signal >>look better, not worse
Hardly. Garbage In, Garbage Out.

Sounds to me like you need to improve your signal.

I don't know much about cable TV, but the Philips gives a superb picture for me using the analogue built-in TV tuner connected to a professionally setup roof-top aerial.



I've got the same set but I'm the other way round to nigel in that I only use digital cable (RGB scart in) and no analogue aerial.

The picture quality is generally excellent. Artifacts are visible depending on the channel. One disadvantage is that the philips shows shortcomings in the signal (ie artifacts) that were only just visible on my CRT.



Thanks for the advice. I reckon I should try the digital TV package.

Mind you, the only option I have here is to use the same analogue aerial I currently have, use the existing coax to the decoder and then scart into the TV.

Is this scenario likely to get me much improvement of signal ? I suppose I'll just have to try it and see.


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It may sound daft but have you seen what the pic looks like with a normal analogue indoor aerial? It's obviously not going to give you as good a picture as an outdoor roof aerial but if it's better, it might help confirm that it's a problem with the cable signal rather than the settings on the TV.

Just a thought.


Thanks to everybody for the responses.

I wasn't meaning to rubbish this set. I watched 'Ice Age' on it last night on DVD and was amazed by the clarity and depth of the picture. Really eye-popping.

The problem is surely the signal quality. I'll have a go with the digital cable service and keep my finders crossed. At least I know when I come back to the UK it'll be fine.


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I guess the thing to remember is that the TV will only be as good as the weakest component! In this case the arial!

Not trying to rub it in but i generally have no problems with arial, SKY and DVD.

I suspect that cos DVD is so good, once you get that problem sorted you'll be fine!

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