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    I have a Philips 30PF9975 LCD television :thumbsup: which produces great pictures from both my Sky Box (via Monster Cables Scart) and my Marantz DV4300 DVD player (via QED AV4110 Sqart).

    However, I recently tried to hook up my DVD player via its component outputs, and have encountered some rather strange results. The picture shifts approx 1 inch to the right, cutting off the right hand edge of the picture. Also, with certain DVDs (some region 1, others region 2) the picture is moved across and down, and encounters significant flickering.

    Have spoken to Philips, who had no idea what the problem might be, though Marantz mentioned something called "beat noise" (their exact words) and suggested I use the RGB Scart output rather than the component output. I now have £70 worth of component cables doing nothing (though I did manage to blag a free QED Sqart from Digital Direct). Has anyone else heard of this problem; and, also, would it be worth upgrading to, say, a Denon DV2200 in order to utilise the component connections?

    BTW I ahve also posted this same thread in the DVD players section: mods - I'll let you guys decide which one (if either) should be deleted.

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