Philips 30PF9946 & ATI 9550 setup

Discussion in 'Philips TVs Forum' started by timyou, Apr 10, 2005.

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    Hi all,
    Anyone have experience on connecting Philips 30PF9946 w/ PC equiped with ATI 9550. I have them and connected through DVI-HDMI cable, and push to use "Force 1080i" option in ATI Catalyst. I have the following problems

    1) PC Screen can't set back to 1024x768 otherwise, Philips just don't display. Forcing to 1080i gives screen size of 19XX x 1080 but it can't display the screen edge. In my case, I can't see the "start" menu, left/right edge & top row.

    2) Black character with White edge (hard to see). Color not sharp, hard to see the "apply" buttom is highlighted or dimmed. -> Not sure this is due to my cheap Cable USD20. Will buy one if anything is fixed.

    Besides, Philips have PC-DVI, HDMI-D, HDMI-A but anyone know what these are? and how to make PC-DVI ? I need one of these in order to have PIP w/ TV.

    Many thanks for all your kind response, any advice/trial are welcom.

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