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I need you help....

I recently purchased a JVC av28x25 tv but it is going back tomorrow for a refund as it has too many faults with it.

I am now looking at the Philips 28pw9527. I am quite picky and want a picture that impresses.

Firstly, is the Philips any good? The JVC had a Panasonic tube which I believe is the main problem-is this the case with the Philips.

Any Staining obvious?
What is the geometry like?
Does the glass look dirty whan panning?

I have had a look at the forum but there is not much information on the 28 " version.

Any comments would really be appreciated. What have the mag reviews said?

I never thought it could be so difficult to buy a tv.


I just got delivery of a 28pw9527 today and first impressions seem good although I havnt had much time to play around with it.

Not sure what tube it is but I looked down the top and there is a sticker with Philips LG on it. There are no dots on either side of the screen either. Is this a Philips tube?

First thing I did after tuning it in was to play Lord of the Rings DVD (region 1). Picture quality was pretty good. Not too many artefacts showing. This was in pixel plus mode.

I then tried out Toy Story 2 (region 1) and this was even better.

Then i tried some region 2 DVDs - Pulp Fiction and O Brother where art thou and they were better still.

Terrestrial TV is a bit shoddy but digital NTL cable is ok. Its not brilliant but it is much better than feeds seen in the shops. Watched the Premiership highlights and it was very watchable. Not as bad as some people have made out.

The TV seems to shine with DVDs and is not too bad with decent digital channels.

On first impressions, I would recommend this TV but I will have to try it out for a while before giving a final judgement

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