Philips 28PW6518C or Sony KD28DC11


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I've narrowed my options to these two models (would consider others up to £380)

The philips 28PW6518C (+ external Sony freeview box) or the Sony KD28DC11

The Sony has integrated freeview.

The philips is £259.99 from ebuyer (+ 80 ish for the sony freeview box) and the Sony set comes in at around £380

Is the Sony worth the extra over the philips?

I'm after a budget set that I can connect my Panny E65 DVD Recorder to and my Xbox console. I want to record in the highest quality I can and also view freeview at the best quality I can too.

Regards and thanks in advance


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I've never heard of a 28DC11 so I assume you mean 28DL11(?)

I don't think that your choice of TV will effect the quality with with you can record on your E65 since that has an internal tuner, I believe.

If you want to watch Freeview at the best possible quality I would strongly recommend the Sony TV because having the Freeview tuner inside the TV does give a slightly better picture than you get from a set-top box which has to be connected via plugs and cables which can degrade the signal on the way. It's also frees up a scart and gives you one less remote to lose down the back of the sofa!

If you want to record Freeview channels then you can't beat having a Freeview PVR like the Humax 8000-T. Setting a timer event from the 7-day EPG is dead easy, there's absolutely no loss in picture quality when you're recording and they're ridiculously inexpensive too! You will of course still be able to archive stuff onto your Panny via the scart.


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The picture quality from a KD-28DL11 is pretty good for the money - the same chassis is used in the KD-28DX50 that I have. However, if you want to be able to record in the highest quality you may want to avoid the Sony as it will only output the Freeview signal in composite video format. You might want to try the KV-28HX15 for £330, which also uses the same chassis, and add on a separate Freeview Box which will output an RGB signal (to pipe into your DVD recorder) - not sure you need to spend as much as £80 for one though.


Avoid the Philips and go for a Sony.

We have had a crap Philips breakdown beyond repair at 2 years old. We have the Sony model you are looking at as a replacement and it is far superior quality.

Hope this helps.



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