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I have just purchased a Philips 28PW6517 and overall am really pleased with it but something is bothering me.

When I watch NTSC DVD's the sides of the picture can seem less than perfectly straight as can any vertical lines within the picture, not by much but it can be a little bit distracting. The same happens on my PS2 and XBOX where the sides of the picture look slightly distorted (even worse when switched to 4:3 - for both DVD's and games) and on my XBOX the horizontal text when playing Championship Manager on the screen looks bowed.

Does anyone on the forum know what to do about this or if indeed it's just a side effect of something else ? One word of note the graphics on HALO look totally unaffected.

:confused: :confused:
Nobody on here will help you out with this tv for some strange reason. I think we are the only two people in the known universe to have bought one. I have been trying to get help re aspect switching and smart text for over a month to no avail. I know I told you earlier that I was happy the tele, and I still am, so I am sorry to hear you are having problems. I don't have a games console and have only used pal DVDs so Haven't come across the problems you are experiencing. The black bars on 4:3 are a wee bit wobbly but I must admit to not being a "purist" and watching non 16:9 broadcasts in 'superwide' which I find more than acceptable.
In the mean time if anyone else reading can help out with my problems don't be shy lol.
Sounds like a geometery issue, get an engineer round to plug in his test signal box, I had to with my TV ( a Thomson 32WB643) and the signal was really badly twisted, new part needed.

This maybe something similar to your problems???
I have a Philips 24PW6006 that had the same problem. I used sevice mode in order to sort it out. Do remember to note down the original settings when the set is in widescreen mode and only adjust the geometry settings To get to service menu use 0 6 2 5 9 6 and then [i+]. Use the cursor keys to navigate and change the settings and standby to exit and save. This should work with your set to correct the horizontal sides to your picture. On the Xbox it sounds like you have slight underscan. I used the THX setup from the Attack of the Clones DVD to calibrate the geometry. However there is no adjustment for vertical bowing or tilt. The only vertical adjustments seem to be picture height and position. Really annoying as I am yet to see a Philips 6006 or 6817 without slight vertical bowing when watching dvd's with black bands. Obvoiusly geometry on all CRT sets is a compromise between straight lines and accurate convergence. According to Philips, geometry can be up to 1cm out and still be well within tolerance. Hope this helps fellow Philips owners as aprt from minor geometry issues I really like the set and have not seen any other sets that do not have varying probems
Thanks for that I'll give it a go tonight

There is one other thing I have noticed and this also happened on a Sharp TV I previously had.

When anything pans across the screen ie left - right / right - left there appears to be a distortion effect on the image, it's difficult to expalin but it appears to 'ripple' causing it to look like the image is moving closer to the front of the tube and is very noticeable on Aliens when the shot of the earth and space station pans on in the 3rd chapter and on LXG when the camera pans across the rooftops of london.

I don't know what is causing this and have tried 2 different DVD players as well as different Scart leads but to no effect. Could this be caused by having my HC setup too close to the TV ?

I have a Denon AVR1803 amp, Sony DVPNS300 dvd player, PS2, Xbox and a Sony video recorder on racking next to the telly.

I hop someone knows what this is because I thought it was a fault on the Sharp I had but obviously it's something else completely.

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