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Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by iperry, Jul 10, 2002.

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    I'm onto my second 28 inch Philips after having purity error problems for several months (even after "repairs"). However, the one I am currently on is fine in this respect.

    Very recently, the set has started to develop interference on the normal terrestrial channels- 1-4 and the channel I use for my ancient video, channel 5. Basically, the problem consists of various flickery lines horizontally across the screen, sometimes this can be quite minor, whilst on other occassions these can be broad white lines that also coincide with audio crackle.

    This problem does not occur all the time and may not be obvious at any particular time of day. If you enter the tuning menu and go to manual tuning, you can see the frequency the set is tuning in to- when the picture problems are occuring this varies- eg) it may move from 784.31 mhz to 784.25 mhz and then back again.

    I tried plugging my aerial into my old 21 inch Philips and I had no problems. In addition, when the problem is occuring it affects my Dreamcast games machine, as this runs into the standard RF socket also.

    Both SCARTs are fine as is the video socket on the side.

    Is this some external influence or is it likely that the tuning circuitry is on the blink- if it's not external, why would it be so inconsistant?

    Any help would be most appreciated- let's hope I don't have to have Comet out again.



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