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I've got a philips 28pw6305 which is now out of warranty.

I'm having some problems with distortion on the screen now, looks like it's magnetic.
Nothing is near it now, but the problem is still there.

I've tried turning it off from the power switch (not stand-by) over night, but that didn't work.
I've looked through this board for answers and the closest i came to an answer was using the "service menu" using the following code:
062596 i

I don't think this code is for my philips, i tried it but didn't have much luck.
I don't think i'm using the correct "i" button, i'm using one at the bottom of the remote (see attached).

Has anyone got into the service menu on the Philips 28pw6305 ?
is there a service menu?

Or has anyone got any idea on how i could fix the problem?

any help would be great.





Cheers for the reply.

That site is great, cheers.
There's not much about the 28pw6305 though.

I can see what you mean about the remote button , i don't think mine will do it :(
That button in my attachment is more like this (=i)

There is a comment on that site saying that someone's got into the service menu... but there's a lot of info on there about using "Pronto" with configured remote codes... perhaps he used that.

I've emailed the owner of the site to ask if he's got anymore info on it.


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