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Philips 28PW6305/05 Problems



I've had this TV now for almost 7 years and it's served me well.

It did start to develop problems just over a month ago though. One night whilst watching the TV it seemed to just swith itself off. I got up and turned it off and then back on at the mains. When I tried to turn the TV on properly (out of standby mode) it just flickered. It was as if I was swithing it on and off standby with the remote.

I removed the batteries from the remote to ensure that it wasn't the cause of the fault. Didn't make any difference. I came to the conclusion that the TV had finally gave up the ghost. Oddly though when I tried it again 20 mins later it came on no problem what so ever.

It had left me sligthly nervous that this issue may arise again, so when I got my Xmas bonus this month I decided to purchase a Panasonic PX60.

After travelling all the way to Bradford yesterday to be informed they didn't have my order (even though I phoned monday and paid a deposit to reserve one) I came home empty handed.

The day then got worse, as we had settled on the fact that I would remove the Philips TV from the bedroom and set it up in the living room over Xmas this morning.

Well at exactly 2330 last night the TV died again. A loudish pop sound and the screen went black and there was no sign of a power source to the set.

I got out of bed and turned it off at the mains. Switched it back on and the LED lit as if it was away to start up, then poof, went out again. After moving the TV about a little I could see that the LED was on, and everytime the TV went to switch itself on the LED got brighter, then faded back out when the screen went.

10 mins later the picture came back when I turned it on again, but this time within 2 mins it went off again.

Could this be a power source issue, rather than the tube as when it works I can still get a good picture.

Apologies for the long explanation I am just hoping that if it is detailed someone may know whether it's worth having it repaired.

Thanks to ElectroSaver I face a very bleak Xmas.


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Your model uses the A10E chassis and the infamous "Painter" chip...just do an advanced search of this forum (using Painter as the search term) and you will see lots of posts re this type of set...it isn't economically viable to repair IMHO.


Quick one.

From having a look the other posts it seems it can be repaired for about £80.

That's still cheaper than buying a new TV for the bedroom.

Would I be right to assume that any repairs come with some form of warranty on the new parts?

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