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I have purchased this set about 3 weeks ago. But I have noticed that down the left hand side of the screen, especially while panning across light backgrounds, there is a a thin red line that appears and flickers,It doesn"t do it when I flick to 4.3 mode, only on widescreen, I Noticed it while I was watching DVD movies and it is more pronouced while watching Video.Ive had one enginner from comet out last week, and he said it was a minor fault and within the margin of error.I phoned Comet again as I am still not happy with it, and another engineer is coming round to inspect it. Has anybody else had this kind of fault, or know what it might be. It has really ****ed me off as I thought the picture was great on this set.:mad:


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Originally posted by mike5
It has really ****ed me off as I thought the picture was great on this set.:mad:

It's a good tv, but there a few " characteristics " with RGB connection and interference.
All sets have some quirk...
If it's not acceptable try a different make :) .


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As your TV is less than 28 days old Comet should just replace your TV as it will be Philip's problem and not theirs. You should really kick up a fuss. last year I bought a 28PW6305 from Comet. This had terrible geometry and buzzed. Reported it to them with in 28 days and after much discussion with the engineer they agreed to replace the TV. They couldn't source me another 6305 so I swapped it for a 28PW6006.

With my '6006 I have never noticed your problem (and I've also never had a problem with RGB signals like others on this forum). They should replace your set as you should not see that in w/s mode.

Good luck with your discussions with Comet and remember to be firm. AFAIK you are totally with in your rights to request a new TV....


Thanks for your advice electrolyte,I will tell the engineer from Comet that he will have to change it when he visits for the next inspection.

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