Philips 28DW6559 problem-NTSC playback causes intermittent screen distortion!



I've only had this TV for a couple of months, but was alarmed to discover last week that playback of NTSC video material (DVD or VHS, same effect with both) now produces peripheral distortion of the image on the left and right hand side of the screen after 1.5 - 2 hours viewing, prior to which the picture was perfectly stable. The effect is of the image bending inwards at either periphery (as if the X- or Y-plates are being messed with), causing bad flicker and picture jitter, which cannot be removed by using different Scarts, playing the same disc on another DVD player etc. - but the effect does immediately disappear once the NTSC disc is replaced by a PAL DVD, which will play fine.

Since this problem only seems to occur after some time, I'm assuming there might be some issue with one of the internal components overheating and producing the image distortion - but I cannot account for the phenomenon only manifesting during NTSC playback exclusively. Is some part of the TV concerned with NTSC-to-PAL conversion malfunctioning? Indeed, does the TV itself perform any such signal conversion, or is this handled entirely by the DVD player (a Panasonic multi-region DVD recorder around 18 months old)? I'm at a loss to account for this bizarre (and incredibly irritating) problem, which seems to arise on a completely arbitrary and random basis; one evening I watched around 4 hours of a region 1 disc with no problems at all, then a couple of nights later a 90-minute film concluded with said picture distortion...

What worries me is that an engineer might never witness the issue, either because (a) they have no NTSC discs to test it with, (b) they don't leave it running long enough or (c) it just doesn't happen in their presence and they dismiss me as delusional.

Does anyone have any clue as to what part of the TV might be to blame here - as daft as it sounds, might the digital tuner be interfering somehow? (As you can tell, I have no idea what I'm talking about.) Having previously owned an analogue Philips 16x9 TV fr 6 years with no such NTSC issues ever arising, this is extremely perplexing.
Might the CRT itself be defective?

Help, please! :(

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