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Philips 28DW6559 digital text fault?

Discussion in 'TVs' started by MC Hummer, Jul 22, 2005.

  1. MC Hummer

    MC Hummer

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    My first post so a big hello to everyone on this forum! :hiya:

    I recently bought a Philips 28DW6559 TV from Comet and was wondering if anyone else with the same TV model sees the same problem...

    In digital freeview mode, while displaying the teletext channel, the width of the text appears seems to 'jitter' in size. Sometimes it expands very slightly and then it shrinks again. It often does this rapidly (couple of times per second) but it's random (so it often stops for a short while) and without any pattern. The amount of width change is small so it's not immediately noticeable.

    It's one of those faults that once you notice it, you can't help but notice it everytime after. The overall effect is to make the picture look unsteady. I've seen the fault on another 6559 TV bought at the same time so it might be inherent to this TV model, perhaps?

    If you've got the same TV model, could you perhaps check?

    Thanks in advance! :thumbsup:

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