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Hi all,

Ive been looking for a TV now for over a month and when I go out to buy something, someone on here says something bad about it !. It was the samsung 28" or 32" from digiuk i was going to buy, until i saw that john lewis are doing the philips 26PF5520D for £895 with 5 years warranty - and they have it in stock !!!.

I have always been a philips fan, and i was going to buy one of there CRTs Pixel plus 2 TVs, but im now considering LCD.
What are peoples views on the 26PF5520D, whats it like with SKY and XBOX? or you think its best to put a little more money and get the samsung LE32R41BD ??

Thanks guys

Adrian Hughes.


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had a look at the philips again today....was impressed, but at the side the screen went very dark....the sound seemed a little thin, but ill be adding a 5.1 system to its either this, or the samsung, or the new line of pannys coming out that the guy in john lewis said to hang on for a while as he thinks there gonna be hard to beat.

he is also predicting a major price drop this side of Xmas, and after xmas also. so he recommended either holding on till then, or maybe even go for the 18" CRT panny thats out with the black frame and all the latest things on.

I saw fast paced DVD on a few LCDs and the pic looked ok, till it went fast, and then it had a blurr on the screen - a shadow type effect,

the panny CRT was perfect all the way.



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I have the 37" version of this model and Have been Looking at 26" LCD's
and decided on the 26PF5520D when It gets a little cheaper
Did the One You look at have a Matt Black or Gloss Black Bezel ?

The 37" has a Gloss Black Bezel But I must say I think it's the best looking 26" other than the Acer 26" out there, and if The rest of it peforms as well as it's big brother it's a Winner

I want it as a Bedroom PC Monitor / TV

Never seen Ghosting / lag on my 37" Your not confusing it with poor quality
or even good quality DVD which is not up to making a LCD look it's best

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